This totem pole is 12 feet high, has a 15-inch diameter, and a 5-feet wingspan for the top figure. The wood used is salvaged Douglas Fir, from a single, recycled century-old beam. The base was built out of the same piece of wood, and the whole work is finished with Danish oil.

Inspired by the esthetic of the west coast peoples, this piece is an exercise of style around the theme of identity. As a symbolic representation of character traits and personal values defended by the artist, each animal was chosen for its intrinsic qualities, and to underline the numerous and undeniable ties between man and nature.

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The eagle and immensity

Gazing into vastness, hovering above struggles, the eagle always knows where to land and therefore remains at the summits of things. It represents the freedom of body and mind, a project, a goal towards which we move closer and closer in an asymptotic way. Void and the wind are its allies and its way into immensity, allowing it to place itself and grow conscious of its presence in space.